Guaranteed reef cuts, possible stolen items from mischievous monkeys and unlikely zero travel insurance claims. Here's why I would go back in a heartbeat

For all its craziness, unknown and wild adventure, Bali is my ultimate happy place. It’s affordable to live like a Queen, the movement of organic, plant based and vegan food completely resets your system, strangers soon become best friends, and the surf is epic. There are many places to surf in Bali, but surfing Uluwatu is my favourite.

Uluwatu is located on the Bukit Peninsula in the southern part of the island. For all you ladies wanting adventure and a taste of ‘the land of lefts’, you can’t go wrong in this area. Here is our guide to surfing Uluwatu including a few of my favourite places to sleep, eat and surf to give you the best chance at falling in love with this oasis. 

Abodes to check out

Dreamsea Surf Camp Bali 

Sun-seekers, this is your calling. This rustic-styled boutique accommodation is situated amongst the cliff at Padang-Padang beach. This is arguably one of the best spots in the southern region, overlooking all beach breaks, Uluwatu, Padang-Padang, impossibles and Bingin.  

Dreamsea Surf Camp Bali welcomes surfers from all range of levels, doesn’t matter if it’s your first time surfing or a pro, there is always a point break for you at walking distance. It is also perfect for any type of traveller. Solo, couples or a group. Choose from either the weekly packages including surf and yoga lessons or simply book the accommodation and breakfast option if you like trailing at your own pace. 


Check out bougie vibes here.


Mick’s place

Gather around Queens, you’ll like this one. Choose from 7 Polynesian influenced bungalows, serviced daily with a beautiful and peaceful ambience. Nestled on the cliff at Bingin Beach, enjoy 180 degrees of pristine ocean views and cool sea breeze. Spoilt for choice, choosing from nearby surf breaks including impossibles, Bingin, Padang-Padang and Uluwatu. 

Enjoy daily yoga, infinity Spas overlooking the cliff, spa pavilion with beautiful treatments and surfboards available for rent. Please note, Mick’s Place is a boutique resort for adults and young adults over 12 yrs. 

Check out incredible 7 different bungalows here.


Bingin Surf Left Guesthouse

Bingin Surf Left is advertised as budget accommodation, although, as basic as accommodation gets, this was an incredibly pleasant stay and I’d recommend this for anyone wanting a cheap escape, but still being in the heart of Bingin. The local owners are incredibly welcoming and were able to pass on hot local tips. Only a few metres away is the famous Cashew Tree cafe and Bingin Beach walk access point.

So if ocean views and intricate room details don’t phase you, then this is the perfect place to check out


Bingin Cliff House

Beach Front Villa. Exclusive views. Relaxed vibes. Limitless horizon. Need I say no more. 

Mu bungalows 

Mu Boutique Resort is a secluded cliff-top exclusive resort. Surrounded by incredible ocean views, this place is magical for relaxing and immersing yourself in tranquility. The resort consists of a number of resorts, hosting from 2-12 guests. Each bungalow is uniquely designed and styled with the same attention to details using eco-friendly and natural organic recycled materials.The villas all have a private salt water pool and the design details makes for an intimate, luxurious and exotic stay. All are equipped with kitchens and living rooms. 

The resort offers yoga every morning at 9:30am on the timber decked terraces overlooking the Indian ocean. 

Find more bliss here.

Surfing Uluwatu Bali

Surfing Uluwatu can be extremely shallow on low tide and reef cuts are guaranteed. It is recommended that advanced surfers take to the line-up on low tide only to avoid injury. 

Dreamland – Beginners-advanced. Free parking for motorbikes. 

More of a touristy beach, Dreamland can get some great swell when the other surf spots aren’t working. There is much less reef at Dreamlands and therefore creates a fuller wave with a clean face than the other breaks. Shorebreakers are ever present, so choose your best time to paddle out.

Bingin Beach – Intermediate-advanced. 500 IDR parking ($0.50AUD)

On medium-high tide, this is a very fun wave when surfing Uluwatu. Busy line-up on a small take off position. If navigating through a crowded line-up isn’t your jam, then sitting further on the shoulder is a perfect option. Beware of some bombs that will come through and always give way to the local surfers. This is one of their favourite breaks. 

 Uluwatu – Intermediate-advanced. 500 IDR parking (50c AUD)

Suitable for intermediate surfers on smaller days. Recommended for strong swimmers and confident surfers. To access Uluwatu beach, take the steps from the Single Fin entrance and follow these all the way down to the sand. You’ll pass a few Monkeys and warungs along the way. While paddling out of the cave, the current can be strong and push you down the break a little don’t panic as this is normal and you’ll be able to get out the back with less white wash regardless. Please note, to get back into shore you need to paddle back into this cave. Make sure you go deeper into the line up and catch a wave suitable for you all the way to the rocks. You will need to paddle hard to access the cave as the current can be strong and push you beyond the cave entrance. 

Girl Surfer, Uluwatu Bali

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Impossibles – Advanced. 

Feast at

Cashew Tree – From breakfast to lunch and dinner. This beautiful open planned cafe is perfect for everyone, especially families. Vegan desserts, thick smoothies, salad bowls and a lounged chill-out area. Hidden amongst the trees in Bingin, this is one of my favourite brunch places, perfect for an after surf feast. 

Casa Asia – An amazing and authentic italian restaurant hidden away in the back streets of Bingin. This place is bustling, delicious and addictive. Perfect for a nice dinner before hitting one of the night bars. 

Single Fin – Perched on the cliff overlooking Uluwatu beach, recommended for early morning coffee or smoothie while checking the surf. Or sunset drinks and dinner before the dance floor comes out later on. 

Bukit Cafe – Stunning yet casual menu for brunch and dinner with easy access from the main road near Padang-Padang. No ocean views here, but a must try from this modest gem. 

Karma Kandara – Looking for something special? Karma Kandara offers day long beds with food brought to your lounge. Sip on cocktails all day, order without effort and feast on your delicately prepared meal overlooking the white sanded southernmost beaches of Bali. 

Yeye’s Warung – Local. Cheap. Tasting food. Say no more. Yeye’s warung is a local secret and long time visitors of Bali keep this one quiet. Chilled vibe, fast service, abundant menu and generous servings. Recommended before a night out, stock up on local Nasi goreng and beer tangs (or Margarita’s). 

Kelly’s Warung – Situated on Bingin Beach, Kelly’s Warung is well known for its local indonesian food at the highest of quality. Picture perfect view of Bingin Beach, have a surf break and indulge in generous servings and prices! Great hang out for surfers too after their session. 

The Loft – Take your pick – breakfast, snack, coffee pit stop, lunch or dinner? The loft has a menu suited for anytime of day. Situated amongst the main street and surrounded by boutique shops, it’s a great shopping break 😉 

Mana Uluwatu restaurant and bar – Amidst Uluwatu Surf Villas and open to everyone, this place is magical. From breakfast to dinner, make sure to book your seat as this stunning restaurant does get booked out. I think this is the ultimate couples treat, but beautiful for any occasion. 



  • The Temple Lodge – Yoga classes open to the public. 
  • Bali training Centre – HIIT , strength and open gym. Make sure to arrive 20 minutes before your class as the cut off number is the first 40 people, and it does book up quickly!  
  • Uluwatu Surf Villas – Ocean view yoga sessions opened to everyone. Contact the Surf Villas for more information regarding bookings. 

Love Bec & Rach x

November 05, 2019 — Rach Mangan

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