Inspired by adventuring around the world in nothing more than a bikini, Bikini Adventures is now connecting the adventurer within you to a selection of boutique surfwear brands, empowering women to easily find functional and stylish swimwear, fit for your next adventure!

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Heaven on Earth: The Mentawai's

Palm tree speckled islands, 28 degree turquoise water, white sand beaches and rustic charm is the Mentawai Islands. We've put together a guide on what to expect, how to get there, where to stay and adventures to do.

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What our customers are wearing and saying
What our customers are wearing and saying
An absolute must have for all outdoor swimming adventures.
The material is super soft, comfortable and dries pretty fast. The front zipper is amazing. I'm loving it!
— Maike
What our customers are wearing and saying
In LOVE with my new suit
— Lauren
What our customers are wearing and saying
I received my first purchase yesterday and wore it today. Can I just say I absolutely love it! Honestly years of buying boring surfwear no longer!!! The fabric is super soft and comfortable and the print is the best!!!! I'm telling all my girlfriends!! Xx
— Chela
What our customers are wearing and saying
This suit is the highest quality material, lined properly and to last, and designed for any level of surfing including big waves. The price point is high, but worth every single dollar since the quality is so high I don’t need to keep buying other branded suits that fall apart or degrade in the sun and salt, and thankful for the extra landfill that also saves. It’s an authentic surfers suit. 10/10
— Frances
What our customers are wearing and saying
One of my favourite one pieces for adventuring - keeps everything in place as the material feels so thick and snug. Love the low back on this but the best thing is it is double lined. Feels very durable and high quality so good value for the price.
— Becky
What our customers are wearing and saying
I LOVE this suit! It's a unique cut but it fits perfectly, I hate being uncomfortable when I surf but this is like a second skin. It also keeps me warm on chilly mornings. Also a little bit cheeky but in all the right ways :) Added bonus - it was delivered super quickly and in a cute bag that's perfect for keeping them safe.
— Sian
What our customers are wearing and saying
The ginger rose onesie is so comfortable!! The double lining around the chest feels very secure and the open back is great for a back tan!
— Chrissie

Our Sustainability

Did you know that 640,000 tons of fishing gear are discarded in the ocean every year, which kills over 100,000 whales, dolphins and sea turtles per year?

ECONYL is an eco friendly material that is regenerated nylon from pre and post-consumer waste like fishing nets, fabric scraps and carpet fluff. Our curated product collection is made from sustainable fabrics such as ECONYL to help reduce help reduce waste, water and emissions.

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