A tear-dropped island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is speckled with palm trees and turquoise water lapping at her shore. Grinning locals, spicy curries, waves crashing, tropical air lightly kissing your skin and an abundance of adventure. The Southern Province of Sri Lanka is quickly becoming known as a surfers haven, paired with a rich culture and exotic foods. We fell in love instantly.

Ahangama, Southern Province Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka boasts white sand beaches with clear turquoise waters, ideal for surfing and beach going. It’s also home to wildlife national parks famous for elephant safaris, trekking and tea fields open to taste the flavours of Ceylon.


Ahangama, Sri Lanka

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The string of authentic towns down the coast, uncrowded waters and an off the beaten track lifestyle, sit among a perfect blend of trendy hip cafes and restaurants boasting incredible local spots for feasting.

Ahangama Southern Province Sri Lanka Where to Eat
Southern Province, Sri Lanka, eat dine cafes

Surfing in Sri Lanka is just as mellow as the country itself. The daily schedule is very simple – dawn patrol, lazing in the sun or shade during the day, and another session at sunset, followed by a delicious curry for dinner. There is always an abundance of safe and fun waves for beginner and intermediate surfers. 

 Surfing Sri Lanka

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Travelers from almost any country in the world require a visa to travel Sri Lanka, which you can easily apply online here.

We visited two villages in the Southern Province – Ahangama and Hiriketiya. Both beautiful bays, which present the ideal bikini adventure. We have curated our favourite must do’s, where to stay, where to eat as well as tips we learnt along the way in our Southern Province Sri Lanka Travel Guide. You can download this guide via the link below. 

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Southern Province Sri Lanka Travel Guide

April 03, 2020 — Rach Mangan
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