We've been lucky enough to have grown up on Manly Beach chasing waves, dipping in and out of the salt, and exploring a plethora of coves and nature walks.

We've since travelled near and far, which always provides a great appreciation for your own home. We now reside here, by the ocean, where we fall asleep to the sound of the waves.


    Manly Beach Australia
    Manly Beach

    Girl Surfer Manly Beach

    Manly Beach Sunrise

    Girl Surfer Manly Beach

    Girl Surfer Manly Beach

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    We love it so much, that we've made a travel guide so you can experience what it's like to be a local in Manly, and not a tourist. We've curated our best kept secrets and you can expect to find:

    • The best places to surf including women's only groups to join for surf sessions and community meet ups
    • What to wear surfing in Manly at different times of the year
    • Other adventures including swimming, kayaking, SUP and where the best snorkelling is!
    • Secluded coves to venture to
    • Accommodation recommendations
    • Where the locals eat and places to drink, dine, and dance.

    We hope you find this guide useful and that you enjoy your stay in our hometown.


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    Manly Beach Travel Guide

    September 04, 2022 — Bec Mangan

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