If you're planning on taking some time out to go traveling soon, why not try surfing?

It’s hard to describe the experience of surfing in simple words. While it offers thrills, spills and excitement, hitting the surf can also provide a sense of meditative calm in an otherwise busy world. Many people have a misplaced tendency to categorise surfing as an “extreme” sport, but the opposite is actually true: surfing helps to enrich the mind and provides a workout that often leaves beginners wanting more.

If you’re planning on taking some time out to go travelling at some point soon, the chances are you’ll find yourself with the perfect opportunity to try surfing. If it has piqued your interest in the past, you’ll no doubt want to get involved straight away. However, if you’re apprehensive about catching some waves, here are some reasons why you should consider surfing while travelling:

1) Surfing is much safer than you think

If you’ve ever caught a glimpse of a professional surfing competition on the television, you might be under the misapprehension that it’s all about wipe-outs, hardcore waves and injuries. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, only around 2 injuries are suffered per surfer for every 1,000 days they enter the water. With the right kind of equipment, a board designed for all abilities and an experienced instructor, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Most instructors will recommend using a thicker, wider board to begin with. These boards are easier to balance upon and will also allow you to keep afloat much easier. They are also made from foam so are softer if you fell. No surfing instructor will expect you to attempt anything you’re uncomfortable with, and the basics are relatively easy to get to grips with.

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2) Surfing is great for the body

While working out is important for staying in shape and keeping on top of fitness levels, sometimes hitting the gym can feel like a bit of a slog. It’s laborious, it’s boring and it’s all too easy to lose interest on the treadmill. The good thing about surfing is that it’s incredibly fun, to the point where most people forget about just how beneficial it can be for the body.

Surfing is essentially a full-body cardio workout that combines elements of strength and weight training. Your arms will feel the burn as you swim against the waves, your core will be put through its paces as you force yourself to stay upright, and your legs will become toned with all the paddling you will do.

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3) Surfing is great for the mind

The meditative qualities of surfing are not to be underestimated. It teaches patience, requires concentration and helps you to switch off from the stresses of everyday life as you focus on the task at hand. Sure, it may be frustrating to begin with as you struggle to stay upright or tumble one too many times into the water, but once you crack the basics and ride your first wave, you’ll feel a sense of elation and satisfaction like no other.

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4) Surfing helps you become one with nature

Various studies have espoused the benefits of getting closer to nature, and surfing delivers these benefits with aplomb. It’s possible to encounter all manner of marine wildlife when surfing, including exotic fish, seals, whales and dolphins. The more you immerse yourself in the surf environment, the more at one with nature you will feel. You’ll also gain an insight into the environmental challenges that threaten our oceans at present, and this will help you to feel more connected with Mother Earth.

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If you’re looking to expand your horizons, set yourself new challenges and refresh your mind while travelling, surfing is almost certainly something you’ll want to try. Why not tick another item off your bucket list and catch some waves?

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October 08, 2019 — Bec Mangan
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