Seabird Photography exists to tell a beautiful story of both land and sea, inspired at the sight of a seabird fishing, and Peta loved that is was designed to perfectly to enjoy Land and Sea.


Peta Bilton – AKA Seabird Photography

Peta Bilton, seabird photography
Seabird Photography

Name and where you are from in the world?

Hey! My name is Peta and I’m 22 from Sydney, Australia. Thanks Bec and Rach for having me! Love what you guys do and have so enjoyed watching this business thrive. If you guys haven’t checked out their stuff yet you should. I’ve seen them testing the swimwear themselves!

Peta Bilton, seabird photography


When and what made you want to start ocean photography?

I love this question because I would love to say that I grew a passion for art but that is so not the case. I remember seeing a photo of a wave, where the photographer was clearly in the water. I love the ‘behind the scenes’ of how things occur and so on, and this photo was no Go-Pro shot. I jumped on You Tube, and there was only 3 or 4 video’s at the time about these people who took their camera’s out and captured the strength and beauty of the ocean.

I grabbed a Go-Pro and spent 8 months shooting with it (and losing a couple to the sea on the way) before I bought a housing. I love people and it’s a joy to capture their joy and the way they interact with the ocean. Seabird Photography was born.

Surfer Girl, seabird photography


What do you love about the ocean? 

It sounds silly, but I like that it makes us feel tiny. I love that it’s so gentle, and yet so powerful. It truly blows my mind that we can capture both. I still have to pinch myself that it carries such a beauty, exhilaration, fear and peace all at the same time! And of course, it brings a lot of fun and connection for a community.

As a woman of faith, it definitely has a spiritual element to it for me as well.

Girl surfing at sunrise, seabird photography


Do you prefer colour or B/W images and why? 

THIS IS MY FOREVER BATTLE! I love colour and the joy it brings! Sunrises for example, would not be nearly as exciting if they weren’t full of colour and life to bring in each new day. BUT, I think black and white evokes such emotion in us, simplicity and a near reality check if we do it well. Emotions are important and we can evoke different things in people and ourselves through imagery. It’s a strangely poignant decision we make when we’re editing. 

Female photographer


Where is your favourite location to shoot?


I love shooting in different places, bringing different backgrounds, people and a challenge as we tackle waves and currents. If I had to choose one, I love the community at Manly. It’s so lovely to arrive in the morning to a sea of familiar faces and a lot of fun, no matter the conditions.


Surfer Girl seabird photography

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Where is your favourite location to surf? 

I’m approximately 200% more skilled with a camera than I am at surfing! But a fun local log wave is definitely at long reef. Highly recommend for a sunset surf!

Surfer Girl seabird photography


Have you ever been injured whilst trying to shoot? 

Of course the usual fin-chops, head bangs, collisions with other people, the sand, rocks, and my own knees. But I think the best one has definitely got to be that I broke my shoulder blade surfing in 2ft conditions! Definitely a laugh for the doctors at the hospital but don’t plan on doing that again any time soon. Don’t land on your board folks, it doesn’t end well for you… or the board!

Girl Surfer


What is your favourite place you travelled to and why was it so unique?

I loved changing it up a bit recently being in Nepal! Although landlocked, the same principles of the beauty of the ocean, also apply to the glory of the mountains! They make us feel small yet are such structures of power and beauty. The best thing about them is that no photo will ever fully capture their beauty. A stunning 4 months in Nepal! But certainly glad to be back enjoying our beaches.


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May 22, 2021 — Bec Mangan