We met Darcie on a beautiful sunny day for the first Bikini Adventures shoot. Her energy and creative ability blew us away. She specialises in surf, sailing, lifestyle & fashion photography.


Meet Darcie Collington: Surfer, Water Woman and Ocean Photographer. She is the talent behind many of our campaigns and product images so we thought we’d sit down with her so you can get to know her a bit better.

Name and where you are from in the world

Hi, my name is Darcie Collington. I’m originally from England but now live in Sydney, Australia.

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When and what made you want to start ocean photography?

I saved up for my first DSLR camera when I was 17 and became fascinated with photography. However, it wasn’t until I moved to Sydney that I started surfing and my passion for photography combined with the love for the ocean, lead me to start surf photography. So, I’d say I started ocean photography around 2014/5. I then bought my first water housing in early 2018 and things have continued on from there.

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What do you love about the ocean?

Without sounding too cliche, I love how calming the ocean is. There’s just something about diving below the surface and you’re suddenly in this different environment; away from the usual societal paradigm of being surrounded by people, social media and technology (unless I have my camera with me). 

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Do you prefer colour or B/W images and why? 

I think anyone that knows me, knows I’m kind of obsessed with black and white images haha. I think partly because I like that it forces you to concentrate more on the composition and what’s happening in the image. The subject is the focal point rather than being distracted by colours. I also like that black and white  leaves the viewer with room to imagine what the colours may have been or what it would look like in real life. Finally, I feel that BW images have this element of nostalgia whenever I look back on them. Don’t get me wrong, I love colour images too, but I guess I’m just a sucker for a black and white edit. 

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Where is your favourite location to shoot?

Anywhere new is always fun, especially while travelling. Around home though I’d say I like shooting at Bower, Manly and Longreef Beach. Sometime Freshie too but only on quieter days. 

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Your favourite location to surf?

I love a good point break, especially outside of Sydney. Such as Crescent, The Pass, Wategoes and Tea Tree Bay at Noosa. I recently went on a trip down south and I think I had my favourite surfs down there. Super quiet banks and plenty of fun waves. 

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Have you ever been injured whilst trying to shoot?

Only a couple of times; once at freshie when someone dropped in on a surfer I was taking photos of, I desperately tried to avoid them but it was super shallow and their board ended up hitting my leg. The other time was in Fiji when I cut my foot on the reef at a couple of different breaks. So luckily nothing major, which I’m very grateful for.


What is your favourite place you travelled to and why was it so unique?

I loved Fiji. I think because I was travelling alone, which was slightly scary, but exciting. I was staying at this surf camp on the main island, which was pretty basic accommodation but the people who ran the place were so welcoming and everyone staying there was just wanting to surf and have a good time. It meant I met lots of wonderful people and I was pushed out of my comfort zone; not only in the sense of travelling alone again but also shooting/surfing at Cloudbreak and learning to navigate heavy reef breaks, which was/is a far cry from Sydney’s sandy beach breaks!


You can find Darcie Collington on Instagram @darciecollington

August 07, 2021 — Bec Mangan