Top surf getaways close to Sydney for a weekend escape

Up and down the NSW coast is an abundance of pristine beaches, lush landscapes and waves. Here are our favourite places close to Sydney to take advantage of weekend surf getaways from Sydney.

The Farm, Killalea – 2 hours South

Surfing Getaways From Sydney, The Farm Killealea
Sunset beers on the grass overlooking the Farm

The Farm at Killalea is voted our easiest weekend away. At only 2 hours south of Sydney, it’s the perfect 2 day weekend trip away. The camping ground is lush with good facilities, an easy drive to the beach and the waves are great.

Where to stay

Book a camping spot or cabin at the Killalea Reserve Holiday Park.

Where to surf

  • The Farm: Killalea Beach (locals call it ‘The Farm‘) faces southeast, and provides protection in Northerly winds. It a beach and point break that has fairly consistent surf, working best when the swell direction is from the southeast. Great for beginners to advanced surfers.
  • Mystics: Minnamurra Beach (known locally as ‘Mystics’) is an exposed beach break, best to go surfing when the winds are from the north-west and west. The ideal swell direction is from the south-east. This beach is best for more experienced surfers due to powerful pitching ‘A’ frame waves, so beginners are advised to seek other beaches.
  • Bombo Beach, Kiama: If the Farm is flat, you may want to drive a little further south to Bombo beach, a beach break offering lefts and rights. The ideal swell direction is from the southeast.
Surfing the Farm Killealea

Tips and things to do

  • There are a few coastal walking tracks including the Federation and Killalea Lagoon Walk
  • Have a cup of coffee at the local cafe and sit on the grass with a view of the waves
  • Take a picnic down to the Farm in the early evening and watch the sun set over the last surfers
  • Only 1 vehicle per camping site so if you’re booking with a group, make sure each vehicle is accounted for. It’s a pain otherwise.
Weekend Surf Getaways From Sydney, The Farm Killealea
Grab a coffee and admire the view of the Farm

Gerroa – 2.25 hours South

Gerroa Seven Mile Beach, NSW South Coast
Seven Mile Beach, Gerroa

A little further south, approx 20 mins is Gerroa, the southern neighbour of more well known Gerringong. Gerroa has pristine beaches set against a backdrop of rolling green hills and a mountain range, resembling a likeness to New Zealand. Another easy weekend away, although with lots of surrounding things to do, you might want to make a long weekend out of it.

Where to stay

Book a camping spot or cabin at Seven Mile Beach Holiday Park or the Gerroa Holiday Park for close proximity to the beach.

If you’re after something a little more quaint, check out places in Berry or Kangaroo Valley, which are further inland, offering a more cosy country feel.

We personally love Red Dog Retreat in Kangaroo Valley. Before venturing to Kangaroo Valley from the coast, please consider it is up and over a mountain from Berry with narrow windy roads.

Where to surf

  • Seven Mile Beach is an easy beginner beach break
  • Over the hill in Gerringong, you can surf Werri Beach, which offers intermediate reef and beach breaks. The south point starts to break across a rocky reef that extends from the headland, then generates a fatter wave closer to shore. Offers south wind protection. Along the rest of the beach and the Northern end are various beach breaks.
Weekend Surf Getaways From Sydney, Gerroa Seven Mile Beach
Dolphins surfing at Seven Mile Beach

Tips and things to do

  • Wander around the local shops at Berry
  • Swim in the Kangaroo River
  • Hire Kayaks and Kayak down Kangaroo River
  • Book a Sunday Lunch at Crooked River Winery before heading back to Sydney
  • If you’re flying solo or seeking lessons, check out the local weekend surf camp, departing from Sydney.

Bendalong – 3 hours South

Bendalong Beach, South Coast NSW

In between Jervis Bay and Ulludulla, you’ll find Bendalong, a cute south coast village boasting some beautiful beaches and magnificent scenery. The sleepy township provides excellent surf beaches good for fishing and swimming. At 3 hours south of Sydney, it is a great weekend away.

Where to stay

Book a camping spot or cabin amongst the wandering kangaroos at Bendalong Holiday Park. Situated in a bush setting, it is dog and kid friendly with direct access to the beach.

Where to surf

  • Bendalong: an exposed beach break that has fairly consistent surf. The best conditions occur when a SE swell combines with an offshore wind direction from the West.
  • Manyana: just south of Bendalong and at the southern end of Inyadda Beach is Manyana, an excellent beach break.
  • Green Island: an exposed reef break that is usually ideal in a northeast wind.

Tips and things to do

  • Explore the 2 small coves Flat Rock Beach and Dee Beach
  • Check out the huge stingrays in and around “Boat Harbour” just down from the Holiday Park. The large sting rays come in close to shore to feed on the scraps thrown to them by the fishermen. 

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Treachery, Seal Rocks – 3 hours North

Weekend Surf Getaways From Sydney, Treachery Seal Rocks NSW

Seal Rocks is a quintessential isolated seaside village on the Barrington Coast full of wild and remote beaches. It is doable in a weekend, but we recommend a long weekend.

Where to stay

Book a camping spot or cabin at Treachery Camp for free form bush camping with direct access to Treachery beach. Despite its bush setting, there are hot showers, wood for campfires and, an on-site café Tim’s on Treach during school holidays for a morning caffeine fix. Treachery Camp is located on 38 acres behind Treachery Beach, however there are some rather large sand dunes to hike over to get to the surf. If you have a lot of beach gear and kids in tow, it can be a bit of a mission.

Reflections Holiday Park at Seal Rocks is perhaps more family friendly. It is right across the road from Seal Rocks beach. The new Premium Villas look pretty cool, offering ocean views through the floor to ceiling windows!

There are some cool cabins around Smiths Lake, which are further away from the beach.

Where to surf

  • Seal Rocks is a right hand point break that is suitable for all levels of surfing.
  • Treachery Beach is out the front of Treachery camp. It’s a beach break for intermediate to experienced surfers. NE wind protection.
  • Lighthouse: Beach break at the back of Seal Rocks below the Lighthouse. SW wind protection.
  • Cellitos: Take a 5min walk through the lush rainforest and you’ll arrive at a surf break, also known as Sandbar. The water is crystal clear and produces great left and right hand breaks.
  • Boomerang: A great beach break with rock ledges helping to form great waves.
  • Blueys can be dangerous so best to surf here when it’s small everywhere else.

Tips and things to do

  • Walk up to the historic Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse, which was built in 1875.
  • If you’re short on food, head to Blueys Beach where there are a few cafe’s on Boomerang Drive.
  • The Good Grub Shack at nearby Bungwahl does decent burgers, smoothies and fish and chips – plus some vegan options.

Crescent Head – 4.5 hours North

Crescent Head, Surf, Mid North Coast NSW
Image credit: Jonny Melon

Often known as the halfway haven between Sydney and Byron, Crescent is perfect for long weekends or a stopover on a longer road trip.

Where to stay

Waves Campground: Located on an unsealed road, Point Plomer Rd you will find comfortable and low-cost camping set in a unique and unspoiled bushland setting.

Crescent Head Holiday Park for more facilities and beach front access to Crescent Head.

Point Plomer Campground Further along Point Plomer Rd is Point Plomer Campground, situated right on Point Plomer right hand surf break.

Weekend Surf Getaways From Sydney, Crescent Head Waves Campground
Waves Campground sites are nestled amongst native bushland

Where to surf

  • Crescent Head: The famous right hand wave which put Crescent Head on the map. It can break up to 400 metres in the right conditions. It is generally always crowded so be respectful of locals and brush up on your etiquette skills. South wind protection.

South of Crescent Head are the back beaches which you need to access via Point Plomer road, an unsealed road. Most of them all face North East so work best in this swell direction and a SW wind.

  • Racecourse: Right hand point break
  • Delicate Nobby: A beach break, where Waves Campground sits 100m behind
  • Big Hill: A south protected right hand point break producing fun long rides in the right conditions.
  • Point Plomer: Another south protected right hand point break, set amidst a camp ground. 
  • Queens Beach: If you are unfortunate enough to be blown out by the North Easterly winds (most prevalent in the summer months), you might have no choice but to head to Queens – one of the only beaches protected by a NE wind. Drive your 4WD onto the beach for a fun adventure.
Weekend Surf Getaways From Sydney, Crescent Head Queens Beach
Hiding from the Nor’easter at Queens beach

Tips and things to do

  • Dine in or takeaway at the Bush Kitchen, located on the back dirt road (Point Plommer Road). Friendly service and great woodfire pizza in the evening.
  • Grab a pie at Barnett’s Bakery!
  • Play 6 holes of golf at the Crescent Head Country Club

Scotts Head – 5 hours north

Weekend Surf Getaways From Sydney, Scotts Head NSW

Scotts Head is a tiny coastal village at the southern end of the Nambucca Shire. It’s the furthest away from Sydney at 5 hours so it warrants a long weekend, rather than a regular weekend away. Or use it as a stopover on a road trip up to Byron and beyond. With a handful of shops and cafes, there is not much to do here except surf or fish, so bring a book and a towel and get ready to relax and unwind.

Where to stay

Book a camping spot or cabin at the dog friendly Scotts Head Holiday Park, occupying prime beachfront position.

If you’re not fond of camping, there are some great options on Airbnb.

Where to surf

Scotts Head has 2 main beaches and they face different directions so you can always be sure to find some waves.

  • Main Beach – Long right hand point break, when it’s working. It’s a safe, shallow beach with a friendly wave that is great for beginners.
  • Little Beach – Around the corner from Main beach, there is a little beach where the surf is steeper and more powerful. Can be great for surfing when the conditions are right, but it is not recommended for swimming.
Weekend Surf Getaways From Sydney, Scotts Head NSW
Surf’s up in Scotts Head!

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Tips and things to do

  • Take a break from the beach and drive up to Bellingen, a pretty little town where you can eat lunch before exploring Never Never Creek in the Promised Lands.
  • If you can’t catch your own fish, buy some at Brazel Seafood – they even do delivery!
Never Never Creek Promised Lands, Bellingen, NSW
Exploring Never Never Creek, Promised Lands

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There you have it – 6 weekend surf getaways from Sydney. The NSW coast is beautiful so get adventuring!

Love Bec and Rach x


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Weekend Surf Getaways from Sydney, NSW Australia
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